Take care of the leather


Like that of our body, the skin is delicate and needs specific care to keep it not only clean, but also well moisturized, elastic and protected.

More than ever, when it comes to leather, prevention is better than cure and sometimes cure is just impossible.

Water is not the enemy of the leather, so a damp, well wrung out cloth to restore compactness to the colour and remove impurities are the first advice for any type of leather.

It is important to let them dry naturally away from direct heat sources (e.g. hair dry or radiators).

We recommend specific products based on lanolin and carnauba wax, which make the skin soft and silky to the touch, but also a non-oily fluid cream for facial cleansing, as well as a fluid cream for the care of wooden furniture based on beeswax, can effectively restore cleanliness and nourishment and therefore longer lasting to our leather articles.