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Martha Ray

Fashion bores me. Elegance fascinates me. Personal style inspires me

Today is today, but in part, it is already tomorrow. I am like that. Anyone who loves my creations is like this. The extraordinary thing is that there are so many of us. The unique thing is that it's us. Designing bags and shoes isn't just choosing leathers or combining colours, it's projecting a part of me onto a stage... It's bringing to life something that was previously inside me and which now moves towards the public. I want a new style to travel around the world. Original. Personal. Rich in vitality. A breath of colorful energy that illuminates people. My style is a declaration of independence.

I like the dynamism of relationships. The change of situation. Seeing. Learn. Propose. And amaze.

The Brand

The Marta Ray Brand was born from an idea by Marta Ratajczak

Born in Poland, in Italy since 2001, she created her first collection in 2009. The feedback from the public pushes her forward with momentum and enthusiasm. Constantly growing, Marta opened the first Marta Ray store in Rome, in the historic Trastevere district, in April 2013. Today the Marta Ray brand is a reality with three single-brand stores in Rome, a very specific style, a unique positioning and a targeted and constantly evolving marketing and distribution approach.

Fresh à Porter — Marta Ray

Scarpetta Flavia velluto perla verde - Marta Ray

Elegant simplicity

Since its inception, the Marta Ray brand has aimed to stand out with a new and colorful offering . The elegant simplicity that distinguishes the brand is combined with a choice of quality materials, which aims to stimulate women's creativity and become part of their style. The world of Marta Ray is original, independent and full of vitality. It's a breath of colorful and soft energy that puts people at the center. With one foot in tradition and always looking towards the horizon.