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Article: The first Marta Ray store in Trastevere

Il primo negozio Marta Ray a Trastevere - Marta Ray

The first Marta Ray store in Trastevere

On 20 April 2013, in via del Moro, 6 in Trastevere , we inaugurated the first Marta Ray store!

An enormous satisfaction at the end of a journey that began much earlier, made up of a lot of work, research, choices and bets, but also at the beginning of a fantastic adventure that is giving us a lot of satisfaction.

The first Marta Ray store represents all our minimal but refined style. It is wrapped in an artisanal atmosphere, the same one you can breathe when walking along Via del Moro and strolling through Trastevere.

We couldn't choose another area of ​​Rome to start our adventure, because Trastevere is the heart of true and genuine Rome, home to many old artisan workshops, it's a place where you can feel all the passion and love for this profession.

Trastevere is the cradle of works of art and culture and we wanted our customers to find us walking through its alleys, in that atmosphere that makes us appreciate Italian authenticity even more and observe the value of products made with passion .

Come and visit us!

Marta Ray -Trastevere
Via del Moro, 6
Ph: +39 06-5811108

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