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Fashion bores me. 
Felegance fascinates me.
Personal style inspires me.

Today is today, but also a glimpse of tomorrow.. 
This is how I am
Those who love my creations are like me.
And the extraordinary thing about this is that we are many.
What is unique, is that it's us.

To design bags is not just choosing leather or matching colours,

it's showing a part of me on a stage...
it’s giving life to something
that was previously inside me and now moves toward the public.

I like the dynamism of relationships.
I The change of set.
To see. To learn. To propose.  
And amaze.

I want a new style that travels all over the world.  
Original. Personal. Full of vitality.

A surge of creative energy shining on people.
IHere it is. I t is a declaration of independence.  

This is what I call it Fresh à Porter.

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