Fresh a porter


Marta Ray's Brand is an idea by Marta Ratajczak, the Creative Designer who established the Company.

Originally from Poland, she settled in Italy in 2001; her first collection signed Marta Ray dates back to 2009. The immediate success obtained in terms of sales encourages her to push forward.

Ier second collection is equally successful. In the wake of a steady growth, Marta opens her first Marta Ray store in Rome, in the historical quarter of Trastevere, in April 2013.

Today Marta Ray is a consolidated reality with three single-brand stores in Rome and one in the center of Florence, a precise style, a unique positioning and a constantly evolving marketing and distribution approach.

Fashion market is saturated with products and yet craving for Brands. Among them, only those attaining distinction will have a credible future”.


The Brand aims, from the beginning, to stand out with a new and provocative proposal. . The elegant simplicity that distinguishes the brand is combined with a soft provocation, which aims to stimulate women's creativity and amaze them.

Marta Ray’s world is original, independent and full of vitality. It is a breath of creative energy that illuminates people with delicacyThe approach to design is based on dynamism, on change.

With one foot in tradition and the gaze always stretched to the horizon. A mood where today is today, but it is already a piece of tomorrow.