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shoulder bags

Big, small, elegant, casual, utility or funny: the important thing is that they accommodate the
your desire for freedom !

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Vanessa glossy ambra - Marta RayVanessa glossy ambra - Marta Ray
Vanessa glossy amber Sale price€209,00
Sandy24 nude mousseSandy24 nude mousse
Sandy24 nude mousse Sale price€245,00
Sandy24 ivy mousse Sandy24 mousse edera - Marta Ray
Sandy24 ivy mousse Sale price€245,00
Sandy24 long beach tdm - Marta RaySandy24 long beach tdm - Marta Ray
Sandy24 long beach tdm Sale price€245,00
Sandy24 daytona taupe - Marta RaySandy24 daytona taupe - Marta Ray
Sandy24 daytona taupe Daytona Taupe Sale price€245,00
Small metaltaurus pouf in rosé steel Small metaltaurus pouf in rosé steel
Pouf Small glossy nudo - Marta RaySmall glossy nude pouf
Small glossy nude pouf Sale price€169,00
Pouf Medium glossy nudo - Marta RayMedium glossy nude pouf
Medium glossy nude pouf Sale price€189,00
Medium glossy amber pouf Pouf Medium glossy ambra - Marta Ray
Medium glossy amber pouf Sale price€189,00
Kirby glossy verde - Marta RayKirby glossy verde - Marta Ray
Kirby glossy green Sale price€189,00
Kirby glossy taupe - Marta RayKirby glossy taupe - Marta Ray
Kirby glossy taupe Sale price€189,00
Kirby glossy ambra - Marta RayKirby glossy ambra - Marta Ray
Kirby glossy amber Sale price€189,00
Kirby daytona color taupe - Marta RayKirby daytona color taupe - Marta Ray
Kirby daytona taupe color Sale price€189,00
Carrie24 mousse nero - Marta RayCarrie24 mousse nero - Marta Ray
Carrie24 black mousse Sale price€340,00
Mandy mousse edera - Marta RayMandy mousse edera - Marta Ray
Mandy mousse ivy Sale price€269,00
Carrie mousse nocciola - Marta RayCarrie mousse nocciola - Marta Ray
Carrie hazelnut mousse Sale price€295,00
Dolly mousse inchiostro - Marta RayDolly mousse inchiostro - Marta Ray
Dolly mousse ink Sale price€155,00
Bluebell naplak sesamo - Marta RayBluebell naplak sesamo - Marta Ray
Bluebell naplak sesame Sale price€109,00
Sandy mousse smalto - Marta RaySandy mousse smalto - Marta Ray
Sandy mousse nail polish Sale price€219,00
Rebecca M Torbolino - Marta RayRebecca M Torbolino - Marta Ray
Rebecca mousse torbolino Sale price€289,00
Carrie long beach rosso - Marta RayCarrie long beach rosso - Marta Ray
Carrie long beach red Sale price€295,00
Mandy mousse nero - morbida borsa a tracolla in pelle nera - Marta RayMandy mousse nero - morbida borsa a tracolla in pelle nera - Marta Ray

Martha Ray

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